Do you want to design more jewelry?
The extra pendants are perfect for you


Available options:
Number 1- Gold, Black, Silver and Cream Small Hearts (4pcs) 

Number 2- Gold, black, and cream flower hearts (3pcs)

Number 3- Silver, blue, and orange flower hearts (3pcs)

Number 4- Small colored hearts (4pcs)

Number 5- Silver and gold outline hearts (2pcs)

Number 6- Silver and gold big hearts (2pcs)

Number 7- Silver square frame pendants (2pcs)

Number 8- Silver and gold “love” charms (2pcs)

Number 9- Swarovski Faceted crystal Teardrop Royal Blue, pink, turquoise blue ball (5pc)

Number 10- Crystal drop and multicolored drop charms (2 pcs)

Number 11- Sunray glass drop beads (3pcs)

Number 12- Aqua glass stone beads (3pcs)

DIY Jewelry Extra - Pendants New Collection

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