Wish to create an original gift? or to Spoil yourself?

Have a meaningful hands-on activity with your friends and family?

Now is the time for DIY- do it yourself and JewelryDate by AnatCollection

with this Art bead kits, we provide you a complete jewelry kit that will let you enjoy an exciting, colorful creative experience that probably you haven’t done in years.

For the price of one piece of jewelry, AnatCollection offers specially and uniquely designed beads and fully equipped kit that will allow you to start on moment make multiple unique pieces by you 
No additional tools or prior knowledge required!

3 available Art kits size for you to choose -
• Small box - 100g
• Medium box - 200g
Large box- 350g
With the purchase of this Art kit, you will receive instruction according to a method I developed-"How to design luxury jewelry without the need for tools", and instructions for the perfect design.

In this colorful kit, you will receive
• Natural mineral stones of turquoise and emerald (non-plastic)
• Crystal beads- polished glass in various sizes in green, yellow, light blue, and turquoise.
• Seashell beads in shades of greenish-yellow and light blue.
• A random collection of vintage beads in various shapes, opaque and transparent crystal tube beads, and a selection of special beads.
Threads:- 3 meters transparent, flexible, and strong nylon thread.

                    - 1-meter transparent elastic silicone wire (thickness 0.6 mm).
Chain / Bracelet Closures:

- 2 pairs of T closet  set in the original design and signed by Anat Collection (plated in 1              silver and 1gold).
 3 sets of locks - carbine plus adjustable chain

     (1 Silver plated + 1 gold plated + 1 black plated).
. Tiny crystal glass beads  , you will receive a small bag with tiny crystal glass beads (seed beads) in a deep matte greenish color that will help you design the jewel with spaces between them-
 let each bead tell its story individually and as part of the necklace/bracelet.
You can also upgrade your choosen art kit with more elements that will help you design

A one off A kind jewelry that is unique to you,

PLEASE CHECK  our selection of accessories: a small additional package of pendants, closures, silk threads, shells, metallic motifs, and more ...start to to chosse according to your good taste.:)


DIY Jewelry Kit - Mermaid Green

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