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Inspiration to Inspire: Fashion Jewelry with A Soul

It's been 30 years since the beginning. 30 years of changes, movement, fashion, design, and people. It has been 30 years since Anat Perez decided to take a step and to provide the world with beautiful stories to wear. With a concept that she carries since childhood,

Anat Perez founded Anat Collection with the goal of designing and creating timeless trendy pieces of jewelry. In some sort of way, Anat placed into action the fact that someone and something can remain pretty and relevant for eternity. “The secret is in understanding people. Their motivations and their fibers of beauties. I always allow myself to play and to create, in order to be one step ahead in what fashion refers” says Anat while organizing some of her first creations inside her boutique in Ramat Gan. Nowadays, it becomes hard to find high-quality products in a market full of mass-produced wearables. Today, finding someone like Anat and her offerings is like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert. Creating a difference in the world of fashion, jewelry and wearables is a challenge that Anat takes and makes it hers. We are overloaded with products that are made in mass production so, sometimes, we forget about the importance of the detail, the significance of the material and the meaning of the creation, and of the elaboration process. Anat’s products and original creations invite you to remember, to close your eyes, and to reconnect with that concept of beauty you were considering the vintage, in order to grab it and to turn it into relevant once again. To grab your concept of gorgeousness and to turn it into something bigger, to turn it into yourself. Visiting Anat’s online store is an experience that can be only compared to visiting her stunning boutique in Ramat Gan. If you want to witness creations that tell a story and timeless beauty, you are one click away from finding that, and much more. It has been 30 years since the beginning. 30 years of changes, movement, fashion, and love. It is now time for you to join, meet and discover an old-new way to feel and be pretty, until the end of the days, and beyond.

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