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The Company


With a feel for fashion and a talent for creating unique fashion jewelry, Anat Perez made her first entrance to the industry in 1985, importing industry brand names to Israel.  Anat's distinctive ideas and beautiful designs soon made her one of the top designers to cater to the Israeli and international fashion jewelry market.  With an impressive marketing strategy and gorgeous pieces, she established her own innovative brand, Anat Collection, which has grown to become a world renowned and internationally appreciated company.


Anat Collection is a full house collection which designs, produces, and exports fashion jewelry, and is a respected name in the fashion jewelry industry worldwide.  Our studio, showroom, and boutique are all located under one roof located at 42 Menahem Begin, Ramat Gan, Israel. 

Anat Collection is a proud and distinguished member of IJMA (Israel Jewelry Manufacturers' Association), which specializes in export.  Our pieces are distributed to top fashion boutiques in Europe, Canada, USA, Russia, Australia, and the Far East, and can be found in over 300 locations, as well as numerous online campaigns.  Anat Collection is always open to development and collaboration for mutual growth and success.


The new lines of Anat Collection are presented every season at the most respected fashion jewelry shows in Milan, Madrid, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.  Our collection has also been featured in important trend setter exhibitions such as Quark (Italy), Spring and Autumn Fairs (UK), Bisutex (Spain), Bijorhca (France), as well as exhibitions in the United States.

Anat Collection has been publicized worldwide by the media and can be found featured in numerous fashion magazines and on television.  

Twice a year, Anat Collection creates new lines tailored to the haute couture seasonal trends while maintaining her own distinct style.  These lines are always inspired by a carefully chosen color palette, and innovative cutting edge techniques and always focus on the smallest details that characterize Anat Collection's pieces. 

Anat Collection's pieces feature a plethora of materials – fabrics, leather, mineral and semi-precious stones, crystals, beads, pearls, and exclusive metal parts designed by Anat – which are all combined using countless techniques.  We are proud to use only the highest quality materials.  Our use of mineral and semi-precious stones mainly includes various types of turquoise, coral, agate, jade, citrine, and tourmaline.  Anat Collection pieces often feature Swarovski crystals and elements, and assorted crystal, glass, and bohemian beads.

The diversity amongst the lines and the enormous variety of styles offered by Anat Collection give us the versatility and ability to cater to all women for all occasions.  Our pieces are both timeless and contemporary, allowing them to be worn across the seasons and the years.



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