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In the back of our charming Anat Collection boutique, our production team is busy bringing our original and imaginative designs to life.  Each unique piece is the result of the creative inspiration of Anat Perez and the expertise of her production team.

Every member of our dynamic production team is a highly skilled professional, carefully selected for her talent and ability to design and create pieces consistent with Anat Collection's elegant vision.  Anat Collection's pieces are all hand crafted, requiring meticulous attention to detail in every step of the process, from selection of materials to the final product.

While following the seasonal style and color trends, our team is constantly coming up with new ideas and techniques that separate Anat Collection from the rest.  The stunning and distinctive pieces are not only a blend of special materials from around the world and unusual technique, but a result of bold experimentation with new textures, color combinations, and approaches.  Anat Collection's designs not only follow the trends, but influence them as well.



Quality control has been a cornerstone in the excellent reputation and success of Anat Collection.  All of our pieces are made from top quality materials such as Swarovski crystals and elements, Greek leather, mineral and semi-precious stones, glass beads, sterling silver Italian mesh, and even exclusive metal parts designed by Anat herself.

After our production team delicately assembles and polishes the pieces, they are subjected to a final review by Anat Perez, providing a standard for quality that consumers seek out and appreciate.


The Studio Workshop



Anat Collection is proud to serve the whole spectrum of the high fashion jewelry market, from the smallest exclusive boutiques and large department stores to internet campaigns and mail orders.  Occasionally, Anat also designs and creates collections for private labels.  We have the ability to produce large volumes of our pieces, allowing us to manage sizeable campaigns, and we are always open to opportunities for collaboration and mutual growth.


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