Back to the 80's with Big and Colorful Earrings!

As you realize The 80’s are back and better than ever. What’s cooler than being able to wear something your mother bought thirty years ago and being able to have a vintage piece of the hottest trend?

The style in the ’80s was loud, fun and exhilarating. The color was called for and the more the better. Everything was crazy and big from earrings to hairstyles. It was a fun decade and if you weren’t around in that era,

you’ll get to experience a taste of it now.

Vintage style is one of the biggest trends these days. Styles and pieces from other decades are sold and bought for much more than the

retail prices at the time. Vintage items are a timepiece, they mark a specific point in an era of what was cool and people appreciated. And these things only get better with age.

Walking through the West Village in the ’80s and through Park Slope in 2019, you’ll see the style is almost identical. From off the shoulder tops to mom jeans you can really tell the trends have come almost completely full circle.

Anat’s Collection now has a line of funky, cool earrings all inspired from the 80’s era. The light, easy clip-on earrings are perfect to style any outfit and add a little twist to any basic outfit. The 80’s trend is long-lasting and has been in for a while and doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

If you have been reading our latest blogs, you’ll understand that this summer I took it upon myself to try out new trends I never would before and step out of my comfort zone. I wore a unique yellow pair of these earrings to a beach party this summer in Tel Aviv. I wore a white outfit and put my long, blonde hair in a high pony. I paired my clothes with these big yellow earrings to spice up my style. The earrings are encrusted with sparkly Swarovski crystals, making them sparkle and light you up whenever you wear them. Even my friends were commenting about how not my style they were but how they looked so great on me and worked so well with my outfit.

In fear that the big earrings would hurt my ears after a few hours, I packed an extra pair of studs just in case. I forgot these earrings were even on, they were that comfortable and easy to wear. Packing the extra pair was so unnecessary.

The collection has big earrings that come in fun, vibrant colors. The best part is these earrings can work for any age and are the perfect gift for anyone who likes fashion and accessories. A great gift for a nostalgic throwback for your mother or your cool best friend who wants to be up to date in all the trends.

My mother had set aside so much of her belongings from other decades for some reason. Now that I’ve grown up and am the age she was when wearing those styles, I’ve inherited all these pieces and get to sport these vintage pieces that are now trendy. Seeing me wear her old clothes and jewelry makes her nostalgic and happy that it’s back and being used again.

These earrings are amazing quality and are guaranteed to last a really long time. When shopping in-store, Anat helps her customers pick out only the best products that really work for them or whoever they are purchasing them for. Even on the website, there is an option to receive help in order to ensure customer satisfaction and happiness with the products they are receiving. Let us help you bring back the 80’s and be the trendiest out there with the most stylish earrings at the moment.

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