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Anat Collection's Take on Pearls

Honestly I never thought I could wear a pearl necklace for a night out at a bar. Pearls were something I thought only my mother would wear. I was never one to wear this style of jewelry until I put this necklace on and gave it a try. I know that pearls are classic and timeless but rarely do I associate them with being fun and easy going.

My supervisor handed me a brand new pearl necklace she had just designed. Pearls were never my thing, they were a style I always associated with older women and I never had any interest in them. Until I put them on. The shiny, cold pearls feeling against my bronzed, tanned skin just looked so right and really complimented my outfit in a way I didn’t think it would. Being a young woman living in NY, pearls didn’t really match my vibe.

So I gave the pearls a try. I figured it would give a vintage, antique look to my outfit. When I got to the bar my friends all instantly told me how unlike me it was to be wearing pearls but how good it looked on me and how fast they could get their own. I told them how I decided to try them out and how much I loved the way they looked, felt and matched with everything and especially how they lit up my face.

This past summer I’ve been working with jewelry in Israel at Anat’s Collection with Anat herself. She has inspired me through her jewelry to take risks in both fashion and life and to enjoy the outcome. I tried the pearls and stepped out of my comfort zone. Even the round, soft texture of the pearls gave me a good feeling. Pearls are unlike any other jewelry and ever since my friends have seen me wearing them, they too have been introduced to the world of pearls and my influence on them has lead them to sporting them as well.

Jewelry can only make a comeback if it’s been out of style. Pearls have always been around and in women’s jewelry boxes and are eternally popular. For weddings, events or anything one could think of. Whether dressed up or down, pearls can be so versatile. They can deliver so many different looks. Classy and elegant or even beachy and chill. Some of the most famous women of all time like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are known for the pearls they’ve worn. Due to their simplicity they can incorporated to modern styles and match with everything. At Anat’s Collection, the designer incorporates this classic style with newer trends so that her new line can work for everyone.

Pearls can be worn everyday or on special occasions. They give the perfect, feminine touch to any outfit. Wearing them does not make one look dated or old fashioned, in fact they do the opposite. Pearls add sophistication and modernity. Pearls were seen all over the runway these past few seasons and don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.

Wearing these pearls, I felt unique and different and that I stood out in the best of ways. Most women my age opt for easy, cheap jewelry. Trends that fade out faster than they appeared. Pearls are different in that they will never fade out and they never look sloppy or cheap. They’re an easy way to look high end in a world of some unsightly trends.

As a college student studying and interning in both fashion and business I have learned a few valuable lessons. The most important is that what was cool once will always have a comeback and be back in style shortly. Different cool pieces of both clothing and jewelry my mother was wearing in the 80’s and 90’s are now staples in my 2019 wardrobe. Now I wear her pearls pretty much everyday. What’s funny is the stigma of our mothers and grandmothers being outdated and having no style. In reality, their ‘old-school’ style is what’s in now.

Shown above is a stringed pearl necklace from the 70's:

Ultimately, pearls are in now and they will be for a while. They are truly a necessity to all women. There is no feeling like putting on a string of pearls while getting ready to go out. And the only thing better than that are the compliments that are sure to come your way for having this amazing, sophisticated style most people are unaware of. Anat’s newest collection ensures this satisfaction and happiness. As Coco Chanel famously said, “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” and we can’t argue with that as we go through all these generations.

Tap into our newest collection of Pearl Jewelry!

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