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3 Unique Handmade Pieces Worn 100 Different Ways

The ONE Necklace WITH so many Ways...

Surely you’ve heard of bracelets or necklaces but have you ever heard of a “NECKLETES“? This cool concept is formed by magnetic attachments that can turn simple jewelry like chokers and bracelets into necklaces and vice versa. Imagine having only a few pieces of jewelry but endless opportunities to wear them.

We start with Slinky. This looks like a regular necklace that hangs normally on the neck. Then we open the necklaces magnetic clasp and add on the same concept bracelet or choker, totally changing the dynamic and design of the jewelry. This adds color, style, and an entirely new look.

The Slinky bracelet and necklace

The Dana is a sparkling bracelet adorned with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver Italian mesh. Paired with the Slinky necklace, also made with a ball chain cover with sterling silver Italian mesh these make the perfect duo. Add the Shelby, the most versatile lariat necklace, which really works in hundreds of different styles.

3 pieces in your jewelry box and endless options. They are all individually amazing pieces that all have the same metal magnetic clasp. This also helps with putting the jewelry on. Most people have difficulties putting the bracelet jewelry on themselves and need assistance from others. These magnetic pieces make it super easy and cut out the struggle of wearing your favorite jewelry.

Although these are entirely different styles of jewelry, they can be combined to make a cool and new look unique to just you. They come in all colors one size fits all making it the perfect gift for someone who already has it all.

Buying gifts is difficult and this is a guaranteed way to ensure that someone special to you will enjoy their gift and most importantly, to actually wear it. The best part is that these pieces are ageless and can work for anyone who likes jewelry, young or old. Also, these pieces are perfect for traveling purposes, giving you multiple styles but not a suitcase full of different jewelry.

I wore the Slinky bracelet one day to find out what all the hype was about. Being one of Anat Collection’s most sold products I figured there had to be a reason why so many people were buying it. So I wore it one night out. Keep in mind when it comes to jewelry I have more of a minimalistic and simple approach but in regards to my latest blog on pearls, I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone and try out new styles.

First, I wore it as a regular wrist wrap-around bracelet. I chose the silver to compliment my bronzed Tel Aviv tanned arms. I took off the rest of my jewelry to just focus on that one piece. Usually, I have a few rings and bracelets on but this Slinky bracelet has a few layers with different materials so for me it was enough. I wore this bracelet throughout the day and the lightweight, easy material didn’t weigh me down or get in my way as I sat at my computer all day.

Then I went out with my friends for the evening and decided to change the look-up. Wearing an off-the-shoulder black shirt with black shorts, I wanted a bright piece of jewelry to liven up my outfit and stand out. I chose the same silver Slinky in necklace length and paired it with the Dana bracelet in purple and connected the metal clasps and wore it asymmetrically to give it an edgier look. This made the length longer and I doubled it to make a dual-layered choker. The silver and purple combination went so well with my neutral-colored outfit and the strong metal held everything together so I didn’t have to worry about it falling off and getting lost.

I even had the chance to wear these designs to a wedding. I felt that the versatility would give me a unique and elegant look. I wore the Shelby in lavender with a white dress and tied knots to shorten the length the flatter the neckline of my dress. This look was perfect because the necklace wasn’t too long and dangly while I was dancing and wasn’t in my way. By the end of the night, I had wrapped it around my wrist as a bracelet for a different look.

Ultimately, the concept behind these designs is incredible. Anat’s Collection is full of these unique pieces that are truly different and can’t be found elsewhere. The opportunities are endless and the quality will truly last you a lifetime. For further explanation and visual aids on these pieces watch our latest video that showcases each of these gorgeous, innovative pieces!

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