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Jewelry has always been a popular form of style expression within women for ages. It is a way to state who one is without actually having to speak. It is an integral part of culture and society and defines a set of people. As a New Yorker born and raised in Brooklyn, jewelry was always a big deal to me and my peers. It was something special that you either got for passing milestones or as a gift. Coming to Israel and seeing the different trends and fashions was an eye opening experience.

Every culture and country has their own art and style. What’s trending and cool in one country can be unattractive and offensive to another. One thing I’ve noticed between America and Israel is the variation in jewelry and arts. Fast fashion is the newest concept in the designer world. Goods are being produced fast and inexpensively and each trend dies just as fast as it started. Israel differs in that their clothing and jewelry industry is more of an experience than a chore. The boutiques and shops offer unique, one of a kind items that were cultivated specifically for that store. People come to browse and enjoy the stores, not just to buy specific items.

Generally, Israeli jewelry and culture is timeless and laidback. One boutique in particular, Anat Collection, showed me the value of a good piece of quality jewelry. Not only are her styles beautiful, they are elegant and special. Her designs are unlike any you would see anywhere else. Her studio in Ramat Gan is a place where one could really see the magic happening. Coming from New York and having a heavy cultural American background, it took a minute to take in Anat’s shop and studio. Each piece is so different than the next and the handmade details were so impressive. Her jewelry really fits in with the Israeli image and culture, but varies enough for it to stand out.

Pictured here are designs in the shop that can also be found on the website

Visiting this shop gave me insight not only on how Israeli businesses runs but gave a similar feeling to visiting a museum. This was when it occurred to me that when traveling and visiting a new place, the best way to really immerse into the culture is to shop in local stores and speak to the workers, connect with them and learn about the business. After seeing all the touristy areas, when traveling and feeling as if your day is lacking, visit a local shop or market and see how their real world works. In Tel Aviv, after visiting a few museums and the beach there isn’t much to do with the time left before the evening begins. That’s where Anat’s Collection falls into the mix. Stop by, see the inner workings. Learn about how the jewelry is made and why this boutique is special and what sets it apart from other jewelry stores.

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