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How to Wear Comtemporay Jewellry Layered Necklaces

Sure, wearing layered necklaces can dress up any look or make you feel beautiful but there is way more to layered necklaces than just that.

It is about telling YOUR story.

Each necklace you wear can tell something unique about who you are and what is important to you. No one will have the same layers as you, which will set you apart to make you one of a kind.

Collecting necklaces overtime and pairing them with one another is a great way to tell people about yourself. You can layer your grandmother's pearls with a new necklace from your favorite jewelry shop down the street, both reminding you of extremely different moments in your life. However, they come together to tell a story of who you are.

The jewelry that has been passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter, as a gift for her, carries unique layers of history.

With YOUR layered necklaces you can project both your personal style and influence how people see you. The beauty of layered necklaces is that by switching out one necklace for another you can drastically change your look and your story.

If you are more elegant and pure, you can wear some dainty layered necklaces. It is light and easy on the eye, which will portray the minimalist beauty you are looking for.

However, if you are more bold and daring, you might choose to wear some chunky necklaces to make a statement. It’s amazing how the layered necklaces you wear can tell anyone who glances in your direction what kind of person you are.

Don’t Miss Out!

Without any layered necklaces you're missing a chance to express who you are. You are missing YOUR story. By layering your favorite and most important necklaces you automatically show an authentic side of yourself, and instantly become more interesting.

Your layered necklaces could never be boring because you can always add new necklaces, varying in length and link chain style. It is as easy as that. One new necklace to your collection can add a new layer to your own story.

Say you are not sure about what story you want to tell people yet… No problem!

Layered necklaces are not permanent. You can mix and match whenever you would like. That’s the joy of it!

Guess What!?

Creating your personal layered necklace set is not as expensive as you may think. By pairing jewelry that has been passed down from generations with gifts you’ve received, you may only need to get one more necklace to add your own stylistic touch.

Play around! Have fun! Mix and match your necklaces, because you are in charge of what look you create!

Layered necklaces are not something to be afraid of. Once you dive in and begin to unleash your style and your story you will never want to stop expressing YOURSELF through your unique layered necklaces!

Shop layered necklaces here!

The Anat team will be more than happy to personalize the length of your short layered necklaces.

Just leave your specifications as a comment at checkout.

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