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Anat Collection launches new Elevated Hoop Earrings

"Link Up" Hoop Earrings

We would tell you that hoop earrings are making a comeback, but they never truly went out of style. Hoop earrings can be traced back to the beginning of time when humans realized they could wear the art they were making and jewelry was incorporated into our everyday lives. Hoops were first seen in ancient Mesopotamia over 5,000 years ago and have been worn ever since. While hoops are a timeless and eternal fashion statement, it seems as though right now, in particular, they are more prominent than ever. Whether it’s a simple little gold hoop or a huge, over-the-top embellished hoop, every woman needs a staple pair of hoop earrings in her jewelry box. Hoops have a classic, fun vibe to them and can be dressed up or down. The beauty of a hoop earring is that it can go from the sublime to the ridiculous. They can be small, large, embellished, pink, gold, and everything in between. The possibilities are endless.​​

Anat Collection’s take on the hoop earring brings them to a whole new level. The Elevated Hoops Collection takes the average hoop earring and elevates them through the addition of chain links, Swarovski crystals, wrapped wire and so much more. This edgy yet delicate collection has the staple hoop earrings that you’ve been searching for. Anat Perez pours her heart and soul into every piece of jewelry she designs to create wearable art and this collection is no different. The Elevated Hoops Collection was designed by Anat herself in order to ensure the highest quality. Whether you’re looking for a formal hoop to show off at an event or a day-to-day, laidback hoop, there is an earring for every taste and occasion in this new line. Each piece is handmade with passion and carefully catered towards Anat’s following. Unlike mass produced products and jewelry, Anat’s collection has unique and fashionable pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

The first pair of earrings in the new line are the “Link Up” hoops. These surprisingly light, etched silver plated stud earrings feature a hoop embellished with Swarovski crystal elements and three chain links and are available in both silver and gold. This edgy take on the classic hoop can be dressed up or down. Let them shine with an updo and a black dress or keep it casual by pairing them with a white shirt and your favorite pair of jeans.

The more hoops the merrier! Another one of our favorites from the Elevated Hoops Collection are the sparkling “Tiara” earrings. These hoops incorporate not just one, but three hoops on each earring, all connected by dazzling Swarovski ​crystals. These edgy yet delicate earrings are available in both gold and gunmetal and perfectly frame the face.

While hoop earrings are timeless, Anat has raised the bar for hoop earrings everywhere through her take on the classic hoop. She has designed outside of the box to create a stunning and unique collection that will change your perspective on what hoops can be. Not only is the new collection Trendy, but it is also affordable. Prices range from $60-$75 but for the launch of the collection, Anat is offering 40% off for a limited time (check website for availability). You may think you already have your staple pair of hoops, but once you see this new line you are bound to change your mind.

Elevate your jewelry box with the Elevated Hoops Collection!

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